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How to Build a PWA that Generates 10x More Revenue Than Other Application Software?
Magento A/B testing enables us to perform an experiment by creating multiple variants of Magento eCommerce website to increase conversion.
Is Magento A/B Testing a Success Key for Better Conversions?
almost 2 years ago

If you are having a Magento business website you should be able to do experiments with the website also.


Before jumping towards the importance of experimentation, let us see some interesting stats about the E-Commerce industry. About 1.66 billion people make a purchase of online goods. This report is generated by Statista. As per research by Statista, in 2017, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 2.3 trillion US dollars. Research states that e-retail revenues will grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars by the year 2021. Global retail sales of E-commerce generated about 653 billion US dollars in the year 2018. There are around 12 to 24 million online sellers. With such a huge number of e-commerce websites, it is clear that the market has grown tremendously in the last decade. Since millions of people shop online the physical stores are also introducing e-commerce websites. Amazon, Alibaba, and Flipkart are some famous brands in the e-commerce industry using Magento 2 technology. 


Users get an ocean of a variety of products online. A user need not go anywhere to make the purchase. Since e-commerce websites deal with multiple dealers around the world, users get a good variety and cost-efficient products.


If you are planning to hire Magento 2 developers for a Magento eCommerce website you can consider following certain protocols of the e-commerce industry. You can either offer a customized e-commerce website that deals only in a certain line of products. Or you can create a platform for vendors and users, where vendors can sell their products online and users can choose from numerous vendors.


E-Commerce industry has become a trending industry. With so many e-commerce websites it is difficult to build a unique website that can get millions of visitors or buyers. If you have done complete research and are following all the latest trends of the e-commerce industry you still need to work on your Magento website.


Google Analytics is one of the most used tools to calculate the number of visitors to your website. Businesses use Google analytics to find which page gets most of the visits, how much time the user spends on the website, and what exactly users are doing on those pages. You can see how many users clicked on the displayed products and how many people bought from your website.


Despite developing an eCommerce website with unique features, great design, and amazing user interface (UI); many businesses are not able to achieve good sales. In such situations, experimentation can be a good option.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, experimentation helps every sector including e-commerce. Top Magento 2 developers should consider A/B testing for improving website traffic. A/B testing is also known as split testing. Experienced Magento 2 developers create two versions of a single web page and analyze which version works best for generating more traffic. This comparison of two versions is referred to as A/B testing. The ultimate goal of every eCommerce website is to convert ordinary visitors into potential buyers.


Businesses often take the help of paid services for generating more traffic. As per researches, it is clear that all paid services bring good traffic but the conversion rate is lower as compared to organic campaigns. Often businesses use A/B testing in digital marketing campaigns. The A/B testing is conducted for anything and everything on a website. It helps versatile Magento 2 developers understand which version of web pages is more attractive.


Almost all eCommerce websites are created using Magento development. The Magento A/B testing can be done for various reasons like improving conversion rate, decreasing cart abandonment rates, and improving email marketing. Let us see what are the steps involved in A/B testing for E-Commerce sites.


How Expert Magento 2 Developers can run A/B Testing for Magento eCommerce Websites?


1. Magento A/B Testing with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to analyze the overall website. Businesses should either hire Magento 2 certified developers or outsource for testing via analytics. To analyze every aspect of a Magento website, Google Analytics can be used. Businesses can find out what are the exact problems on the website and make a list of those problems. The Google Analytics tool helps you find which pages are getting fewer visitors. It shows how many people have clicked on the CTA of landing pages. It shows how many people have stored products in the cart but have not bought it. It also displays the bounce rate of all the web pages. You can observe the user's behavior with the help of the tool.

For instance, a user is spending enough time on your landing page but not clicking on the CTA. You can consider redesigning the CTA or increasing the size of the CTA button. You should check whether the CTA is visible to users or not. Since you are into the E-Commerce industry, let us assume users are visiting Magento product pages but not taking any action. Then you can try changing the images of products or simply uploading clear high-resolution images.


2. Make a List of Changes for Magento Website

As per the analysis, now it is time to make a list of experiments. If the analysis shows that the web page has a higher bounce rate, then you can consider a set of changes such as different designs, content, etc.


3. Create a New Version

Since you already have version A, now you create version B. Test the hypothesis against the original Magento page. The best team of Magento 2 developers check the impact of changes using analytics tools. These changes are made for a certain period of time.


4. Implement the Changes

Finally, start implementing the changes. In this phase, dedicated Magento 2 developers make the necessary changes in current web pages only if the hypothesis showed a positive result. For instance, if the Google Analytics tool shows an increased number of clicks on CTA after changing the CTA button design, you can implement this change on the original page.


You being smart Magento 2 developers can pass it on to the marketing department so that they too can start A/B testing in email marketing campaigns. You can make powerful changes in the email draft or CTA or images or subject lines.


A/B testing is a lengthy process. Since every webpage has one or other changes, Magento websites should make one change at a time. If you make several changes and launch them in version B, it becomes extremely difficult to analyze which change affected the results. Since changes should be done one at a time, it takes a longer time for the whole website to perform well. Magento website optimization is an ongoing process. Hence A/B testing is also an ongoing process.


With a lot of benefits, A/B testing also has some limitations. This testing technique cannot be used for promotional campaigns due to its lengthy procedures. Often it happens that the changes Magento 2 developer has made and the results you got are just a part of coincidence.



Make sure you have enough time and hire skilled Magento 2 developers to perform AB testing. The testing delivers excellent results only if conducted properly. There are chances of coincidences and one must not ignore this possibility. AB testing is definitely one of the most cost-efficient and feasible techniques to get more traffic and higher conversion rates for every e-commerce website based on Magento development.

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